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Octopus is an open protocol to create, exchange, settle, and manage synthetic assets.

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What is Octopus?

Octopus Protocol, a robust DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allows issuance, trade, and management of decentralized derivative assets.


Affordable Solution

The protocol facilitates affordable solutions for the creation of synthetics by reducing the collateral amount. The inherent mechanism lowers costs with minimal usage of oracles.


Trustless Architecture

A DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts, its inherent infrastructure eliminates trust barriers for trade and settlement of derivatives.


Community Driven

Built and governed by the community of OPS token holders to enable a fairly distributed and decentralized infrastructure.


Limitless Possibilities

Build tokens that track the price of any asset in real time. Create customizable financial contracts comprising multiple assets.


Octopus Protocol Ecosystem

Trade Derivatives

Gain unlimited exposure to several instruments from multiple derivative assets such as stocks, bonds, equities, digital assets, futures - raised as tokenized assets. Trade derivatives with tight spreads, low margin requirements, and innovative hedge instruments with no liquidation risks.

Manage Assets

Manage all your assets and positions from Octopus’ non-custodial wallet so that the control of your funds remains in your hands. Track your trading history and overall portfolio balance from your wallet.

Trustless Architecture

Exchange synthetic assets leveraging the seamless features of a traditional exchange platform in a peer-to-peer, transparent, and trustless architecture.

Minimal Trading Fees

Trade decentralized derivative assets with low fees and industry-grade standards along with deep liquidity.


Earn OPS tokens for providing liquidity to the Octopus ecosystem. On our leading decentralized exchange (DEX), you can earn an APY as high as 220%* by participating in the Octopus network. For instance, stake global companies stocks like Tesla and receive annual returns of up to 220%

Decentralized Network

Octopus provides a transparent way to settle synthetic assets on its exchange platform by connecting asset managers to investors in a decentralized and peer-to-peer infrastructure.

Tested Tools

Get first-hand access to expert-tested asset management tools and infrastructure to create, rebalance, and manage your crypto portfolio.


Customize and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio by including multiple assets as per your own preferred trading strategy.

Asset Managers

Asset managers can create their own baskets and get users to join their portfolio strategies.

Track History

Users can analyze trading records and track the history of asset managers before investing their funds into baskets.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

To enhance scalability, Octopus Protocol uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network for the creation and management of synthetic assets.

Expert Insights

Gather insights from leading experts with a successful track record of trading.

Preferred Trades

Follow the trading patterns of your preferred trader in real time.

Novice Trader Tool

Beginners can access first-hand expert trades by following the trading patterns of experienced traders.


Octopus Protocol offers complete transparency on the performance of collective strategies, how they are set up, and operated.


With Octopus, you are always in control of your assets at all times. It facilitates a non-custodial way of storing and exchanging decentralized derivatives.


Octopus provides an intuitive, low-cost, and secure way of setting your account and following the trading patterns of expert investors.

Assets Exposure

Options trading allows a trader the exposure towards different assets without the requirements of buying or selling the asset.


Minimize the price risk of assets against a change in market conditions by pre-determining the buy or sell rate of an asset within a time frame.

24/7 Trading

Octopus enables a 24/7 global trading platform with features of real-time auditing, liquidation, and risk management.

Industry-Grade Services

Settle options contracts on Octopus with best-class services including a competitive rate for settlement fees, which is a small portion of the underlying asset value.

Swap Synthetic Assets

The decentralized environment of Octopus ensures that there are no restrictions on trading pairs. Any synthetic asset can be swapped for another without any limitations.

Minimal Requirements

A decentralized exchange, Octopus carries no requirements for users to submit their identification documents, places any limits on withdrawals, and allows all trading operations in a non-custodial manner.



Initial Mcap


Initial Circ


Diluted Cap


Total supply


Listing Price





Initial Unlock

Monthly Vesting


$350,000 0.06 5,833,333 13.26% $170,696 262,500 4.5% over 8 months

Private A

$350,000 0.06 5,833,333 13.26% $170,696 262,500 4.5% over 8 months

Private B

$350,000 0.06 5,833,333 13.26% $170,696 262,500 4.5% over 8 months

Community Round

$350,000 0.06 5,833,333 13.26% $170,696 262,500 4.5% over 8 months


$350,000 0.06 5,833,333 13.26% $170,696 262,500 4.5% over 8 months


$1,500,000 14,404,762


  • Mining: 60% Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards,
  • Community Incentive & Airdrop: 10% Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards,
  • Early Community: 10% Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards,
  • Business & Media Partnership 10% Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards,
  • Team 10% Part of the tokens is reserved for mining rewards,
Octopus Eco Systems Octopus Eco Systems


2020 Q3
  • Prospective Business Plan Developed
  • Market Research
  • Idea and Concept Formation
2020 Q4
  • Project Planning
  • Technical Scope Study
  • Octopus Protocol Prototype
  • Team Recruitment and Development
2021 Q1
  • Seed and Private Sale Round
  • Prepare for Launch
  • Litepaper Release
  • Branding, Website Launch
2021 Q2
  • Octopus Tokensale (Pre-sale and Public sale)
  • Token Listing on DEX
  • Smart Contract Audits
  • Octopus Protocol Testnet Launch
  • Decentralized Derivative Exchange Testnet Launch
  • Token Listing on Centralized Exchanges
2021 Q3
  • Octopus Protocol Mainnet Launch
  • Staking and Liquidity Mining Operations
  • Decentralized Derivative Exchange Product Launch
  • Community Building
  • Decentralized Asset Management Testnet Launch
2021 Q4
  • Polkadot Integration
  • Launch of cross-chain interoperability
  • Exhibit to Dubai Expo 2021
  • Decentralized Asset Management Mainnet Launch
  • Set up of Hackathons, conventions, and more
2022 Q1
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Social Trading Testnet Launch
  • Social Trading Mainnet Launch
2022 Q2
  • Options Trading Testnet Launch
  • Options Trading Mainnet Launch
2022 Q3
  • V2.0 Launch
  • UX/UI Improvements
2022 Q4
  • More Tradeable Exchanges
  • Expanding our Userbase

Our Experienced Team

Obaid Bin Touq Co-Founder Load more

Mr. Bin Touq started his journey of entrepreneurship at an early stage in his life and has succeeded in his efforts by leading 13 business entities. Obaid Bin Touq has contributed with his leadership skills to the business community and industry in UAE, where he is also accoladed with various prestigious awards and honors. One of his greatest achievements remains his 11 years of service for the Dubai Police Force. Mr. Bin Touq, a first-generation Emirati Entrepreneur, who has already planted seeds in starting entities across several industries has always held a particular interest in using advanced technological solutions for disrupting sectors. His experience, humility, team-leading skills, community management, and expertise in driving businesses to successful ventures will prove significant in the overall journey of Octopus.

Monk Co-Founder Load More

Monk, one of the early believers in the crypto space, is a fairly private figure. He is amongst the few people in the world who started mining Bitcoin on his computer in his home during its initial years and invested in Ethereum ICO held in 2014. He has been actively involved in the crypto space through a vast range of activities including investing in successful blockchain projects. Professionally, being a software developer for 12 years and after studying the space for more than 10 years, Monk has been bootstrapping to build a DeFi project before the term “DeFi” became predominant. He has led all the efforts by investing his time and resources behind developing Octopus for the last two years.

Igor Samorodov CMO Load More

With an avid interest in the space of open-source technologies and finance, Igor has been leading the marketing operations at Octopus Protocol. His experience in different marketing arenas is defined by performing dozens of digital campaigns for multiple industry leaders. Igor is an expert in various marketing domains including digital advertising, media buying, growth marketing, and SMM. He utilizes deep marketing analysis to acquire new users and smoothen their customer journey. Igor brings his leading insights and experience in building a robust community at Octopus Protocol.

Christopher Redman Creative Director Load More

Christopher Redman is a leading expert at conceptualization and creating innovative research-based visualizations. Having graduated from the prominent university U.C. Berkley, he has led multiple roles, from a design consultant to the creative head of director, in his career of 13 years. His professional experience includes introducing WigUSA to Amazon, heading design consultant at Genesis Fair Trade - an organization empowering small-scale artisans, and leading as the director of design at Ethical Apparel. Christopher believes in creating intuitive, responsive, and effective visual communication through his designs. His flair in designing will be a valuable trait in the branding of Octopus Protocol.

Pavel Mironchik Lead UI/UX Designer Load More

With more than five years of experience in UI/UX development, Pavel is an expert in several modern designing softwares including Figma, Miro, Photoshop, Illustrator, amongst others. His central area of expertise lies within websites and mobile applications with an intense focus on creating a strategy. His methodology involves competitor analysis and deep market research before building the prototype for user flow and wireframes. His skillful ability to pay attention to micro details will contribute towards the branding of Octopus Protocol.

Octopus Team Member
Pooja Kadia Lead Content Strategist Load More

Hailing from a completely non-technical background, Pooja started her crypto and blockchain ventures in 2017. She is the founder of Cryptochain Sphere, a blog focusing on spreading awareness about the crypto and blockchain niche. In a relatively small span of four years, she has worked with more than 120 crypto and blockchain startups. Pooja has led as a content strategist and helped with community engagement for several successful cryptocurrency project launches. Her experience in conveying the noble message for advanced blockchain-related topics like DeFi to a wider community will prove instrumental at Octopus.

Mahmoud Ali Graphic Designer Load More

With a professional experience of more than six years, Mahmoud is an expert at designing with an excellent mastery over creating powerful and engaging presentations. He is the founder of Dotpresentations offering his expertise in designing presentations to several corporations. His professional engagement ranges from working with Fortune 500 companies like Unilever to creating successful pitch decks for different industries. His proficiency in working across multiple tools will bring significant value to designing creatives at Octopus Protocol.


Sanjay Chandel Load More

With over 27 years of experience in asset management, commodities, among others, Sanjay Chandel has led various known entities. He has been instrumental, leading the position as a CEO, in launching the commodity exchange venture and asset management business at the leading Indian conglomerate Indiabulls. After serving in the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for nearly 11 years, he led the role of CEO at the Indian Commodity Exchange (ICEX). His valuable experience and in-depth industry knowledge will prove vital to the development of Octopus Protocol and its ecosystem.

Kyle Chassé Load More

Kyle Chassé, the founder and CEO of Paid Network, is a cryptocurrency/blockchain veteran who has guided a myriad of early-stage crypto and blockchain projects. His journey into the crypto space began in 2012 with Bitcoin investment and since then he has come a long way. Kyle has invested in several prominent platforms including BnkToTheFuture, Bitstamp, Kraken, Shapeshift, Coinpayments and he has provided his expertise to various crypto projects including PlasmaPay, Hathor Network, Litentry, and AnRKey X. He is also the founder of Master Ventures (MV), a blockchain advisory firm involved with Tier - 1 projects. Kyle will lend his support to increase client engagement, overlook the development of the Octopus product, lead marketing efforts, and brand awareness as a strategic advisor in Octopus Protocol.

Vikas Thapar Load More

Vikas Thapar has headed several banking operations in prominent financial institutions. With over 25 years of experience working in the financial ecosystem, he brings his leading insights and valuable practices to the Octopus Protocol. His prior experience also includes serving as the Executive Vice President & Head Business Banking at Emirates NBD, as well as senior leadership positions at Citigroup in India and Indonesia. He has recently been appointed as the new head of Business Banking and NEOBiz, one of the leading banks in UAE, to help business segments capitalize on growth opportunities. His rich experience in digital banking, business banking, and the overall financial system will be of immense value at Octopus.

Vishal Sanghani Load More

Having worked for more than 15 years, Vishal has a strong understanding of several aspects of software development, open-source technologies, web design and development, project deployment, and more. He has worked with more than eight companies with leading corporations like McAfee, Tata Consultancy Services, Dell EMC, and Cohesity. With experience in more than 15 different arenas, Vishal has led his team to the successful deployment of various projects. His team-leading skills and innovative approach sync in perfect harmony in overlooking the design, development, and deployment of Octopus Protocol.

Bringing Experience to the Table

Our team and Advisors have years of experience leading/consulting the following companies.

Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners
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Octopus Partners


What is Octopus?

Octopus is a protocol that facilitates an open infrastructure to create, settle, and exchange synthetic assets.

What are decentralized derivatives on Octopus?

A financial derivative is a contract, between two parties, that derives its value based on the performance of an underlying asset. Octopus Protocol facilitates a trustless architecture to issue, trade, settle, and manage decentralized derivative assets.

Are synthetic assets on Octopus Protocol backed by real-world assets?

No, Octopus offers the advantages of trading assets without the regulatory requirements or hassles of trading real-world assets. Synthetic tokens track the real-time price of the underlying asset and give exposure to their price without actually owning the real-world assets.

How does Octopus Protocol track the real-time price of any asset?

The protocol tracks the price of any real-world asset through the use of oracles that send information from real-world to smart contracts.

Does Octopus facilitate trading derivatives of assets other than digital assets?

Yes, the protocol allows a user to trade decentralized derivatives of any asset including cryptocurrencies, futures, bonds, indices, stock, commodities, and more. The possibilities are limitless.

What are the different products Octopus provides other than the issuance of tokens?

Apart from the creation of synthetic assets, Octopus provides a peer-to-peer architecture for exchange, settlement, and management of tokens.

Where can a user store their synthetic tokens?

Octopus facilitates a non-custodial wallet for users to store their funds without handling the control.

How can a user manage their assets with Octopus?

The universal platform provides innovative tools and resources for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios. Connect with professional asset managers, track your trading history, analyze your trading strategies, and connect with expert investors under one platform.

What is social trading offered by Octopus?

Social trading in Octopus allows users to connect with expertise from leading professional traders. A user can follow expert traders’ trading patterns and strategies with social trading.

Can I stake on Octopus?

Yes, a user can stake on Octopus and earn OPS token as a reward for participating in the ecosystem.

Where does the liquidity come from?

All the products are built on the Octopus Protocol. Hence, traders and users can access liquidity provided by the OPS stakers on Octopus.

What is the ticker symbol for Octopus?

The ticker symbol for Octopus Protocol is OPS.

What is the total supply of OPS tokens?

The total supply of OPS tokens is 150,000,000.

Can I stake OPS tokens on Octopus?

Yes, you can earn OPS tokens for providing liquidity to the Octopus ecosystem. The protocol facilitates annual yield returns as high as 220%.

How many tokens are allocated for the public sale of OPS tokens?

7500000 tokens are allocated for the public sale of OPS tokens.

What is the governance model for Octopus Protocol?

The Octopus Protocol is built and governed by the community of OPS token holders to enable a fairly distributed and decentralized infrastructure.

When is the public sale of OPS tokens?

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